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Free Internet Access Makes You Happy

Friday, May 22, 2009: Free dialup coverage area expanded! We have added an additional 108 free access numbers in California. Be sure to check if your area is covered. And, as always, thanks for spreading the word!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009: After nearly 40 years in service, CompuServe Classic is shutting down. We at FastFreeDialup gladly welcome all abandoned CompuServe dial-up customers!

Friday, April 11, 2008: FastFreeDialup.com officially launches, providing free dialup Internet access to all.

Calculate Your Savings! Quit Netzero and save over $80! Quit PeoplePC and save over $110! And quitting Earthlink now could save you over $220 this year! Even Juno's "free" ad-supported model is not a bargain, limited to only 10 hours each month!*

* These assertions are based on information listed on each of these providers' websites as of 3:00pm, PDT, Tuesday April 8th, 2008.

Surf Freely With Free Dialup We believe that Internet access should be free. It should be viewed as public infrastructure, the same as the public roads you drive on. While the rest of the world is outpacing the United States in broadband deployments, many of us still use dial-up to connect. At least now you can get online for free.

Completely Free Internet Access, No Registration Required

We know that dialup Internet access is an old technology, but for those that still cannot get broadband, or simply cannot afford the cost, we offer a free dial-up service that is available with a local call from nearly everywhere in California. There are no limits, no restrictions, and no charges. This is an all-the-time Internet account that you can use at home. You can use it on the road while you travel. You can use it as a back-up if your regular Internet connection is down. It will simply cost you nothing to use it as little or often as you want.

With the incredible new advances in online marketing and the revenue that is generated from website traffic, we are able to provide this free service...and we do so without any special dialers, plug-ins, browsers, or spyware. At a time where nearly everyone is cutting costs and watching their budgets, it couldn't make more sense. If you do not have access to a broadband connection, cannot afford one, or are still paying for dial-up anyway, then we encourage you to take a test drive with us at FastFreeDialup.com and enjoy our fast, stable, and totally free dial-up Internet access. There is no sign-up necessary, just find a local number, use the default standard account listed on the website, and try it out. No commitments, no charges, no contracts, no anything!